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2017 Finalists

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Contestants Corner 

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Do you know someone in your company/organization who is a rising star? 

For further inquiries about nominating her please contact :- [email protected]

This is our 3rd opportunity  to celebrate and acknowledge employees effort and accomplishments that support the organization's goals and values.  Miss Corporate world Kenya pageant provides a platform for young professionals from different companies to bring the best of their companies sustainable business on the lime light as they show case the office glamour in business dressing.

The winners of these titles will be chosen by a panel of Miss Corporate World Judges during the glamorous event that will take place in November 2017. and later on compete for the continental title of Miss Corporate Africa.

Think about all the great things your staff or co-workers do. We want everyone to know about your best of the best employee. So please consider making a nomination in our MISS corporate Kenya pageant. (Nominations are open now for 2017)

  • All contestants will be referred to as Miss Corporate Ambassadors and will automatically be eligible to join the Miss Corporate Club
  • All contestants will showcase their companies CSR initiatives in a 60 second video clip that will be part of the judging process 
  • The overall winner will be referred to as Miss Corporate World Kenya
  • All participating companies will be receive free media exposure including Website and other social media exposure.
  • All Participating companies will receive a certificate of recognition
  • After competition a National cocktail party/workshop will be organized for all the winners to celebrate professional women and offer support, guidance, motivation & inspiration to develop & grow their chosen career.
  • The overall winner will compete for the Miss Corporate Africa Title.
  • All Participating companies will automatically be eligible to compete for the next year’s CSR Awards and free membership at www.csrkenya.org

  • Nominations  - Open
  • Email communication to shortlisted contestants  - Ongoing Until July 30th 2017 
  • Meeting with shortlisted contestants  - August
  • Submission of the pageant challenge  -  November 5th 
  • Pageant Boot Camp - October 23rd - 27th 2017 
  • Miss Corporate World Kenya Competitions - November 25th 2017
  • Contestants GALA night Saturday     - To be confirmed


    • Offering mentoring programs and networking opportunities to support women’s careers
    • and equip them for leadership roles with a view to level the playing field.
    • Uplift women to advance their mission of improving the conditions of her society as
    • “change agents”.
    • Encourage the accomplished women leaders to act as role models for young, aspiring
    • corporate professionals.
    • Organize seminars and forums for young aspiring professionals to improve on their
    • communication and interview skills, etiquettes and self-confidence.
    • Promote and appreciate corporate Social responsibility in Kenyan companies.


    The secretariat will present an award to winning contestant from each of the following category

    CSR Presentation
    This is the most important part of competition. All finalists will be given two activities

    1. All Finalists will to take part in PR relating to corporate Social responsibility; the appointed agency is the Centre for Social Responsibility and accountability Kenya (CESRA). An NGO based in Kenya with an objective of bringing together groups of individuals, organizations and corporate companies to improve communities they work and leave in.

    2. All Finalists will be requested to produce a 60 second video clip about their company and its various CSR activities. These videos will be used for the gala night, as well as for all media campaigns including social media campaigns.

    Interview Category
    Questions will be poised to each contestant regarding her role as Miss Corporate Ambassador in the corporate World. As she responds she will be judged on her corporate grooming, corporate intelligence and of course their inner and outer beauty.

    The Corporate fashion Category
    This most glamorous portion of the competition allows the contestant to show-off her corporate elegance, decency and beauty. Judges are looking for her to captivate everyone with her overall appearance and “wow” them with her keen sense of style. She’s assessed specifically on the beauty, self-confidence, poise, choice of accessories, and of course, the actual design and fit of her clothes.

    • Summer Miss Corporate
    • Winter Miss Corporate
    • Casual Fridays Miss Corporate
    • Athletic Wear Competition
    • Cocktail Miss Corporate

    Center for Social Responsibility and Accountability Kenya (CESRA) is a Kenyan NGO that has been appointed by Miss Corporate Kenya as the charity of choice with a mission to support Corporate Social responsibility initiatives.

    Qualities of Contestants
    1. Single and has never been married
    2. Between 18  -  35 years of age.
    3. Minimum height of 5’4”
    4.  Citizen of this country.
    5. Good moral character
    6. Working in a company, organization, or a Parastatal
    7. Miss Corporate doesn't specify weight restrictions but body fitness matters.


    • Various Prizes will be presented to the winners, 1st runner up and 2nd runners up 
    • Companies producing winners will be appreciated on the National website, Miss Corporate world magazine, and press releases
    • Membership for Miss Corporate Club 

    All Contestants will automatically become Miss Corporate Ambassadors and their key role will be to act as CSR Brand Ambassadors within their companies as well as their community.

    We will seek judges that appreciate the full value of women in their everyday lives and are able to gather these qualities in the Miss Corporate Kenya contestants.


    The Miss Corporate World Kenya™ Pageant is owned by Ashley’s Events.. Miss Corporate Kenya is not affiliated with any other beauty pageant, competition, contest, or event.

    Ashley’s Events has partnered with H and j Events to execute the Miss Corporate World Kenya beauty Pageant.


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    Congratulations to our pageant winners. Please view all the previous crown keepers

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